Reasons for a bride (and her photographer) to give thanks

10 01 2011

#1. A January day as gorgeous as your dress.

#2. A chestnut Arabian posing with said dress, as though he knows you and your groom are horse lovers.

#3. And a white one, too, because it is a wedding after all.
#4. Oh, and yellow shoes. Because you can.

#5. Comfy cowboy boots to slip on instead after you tried walking in the yellow shoes. (Also because you can.)

#6. A love note from your (almost) husband.
#7. A loving mother’s hands to tie your sash.

#8. A best friend to marry.
#9. The promise that God goes before, with, and behind you, all the way from “you may kiss the bride” till death do you part, and in Him it all leads to an eternal Happily Ever After.

Thanks, Jen & Landry, for letting me be part of a day you’ll never forget and for trusting me to help capture those memories. Today I celebrate that privilege and all the beautiful gifts God is giving you in each other. He has already shown you abundant kindness in countless ways, but to count one more . . .

#10. I thank Him with you that the snow storm held off one more day.

May you rest in His faithfulness and recognize His mercies anew every morning. And may I do the same.
Love, Jeanne

This is my first venture into the grace-filled community of Ann Voskamp’s Multitudes on Mondays: One Thousand Gifts. Visit Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience, to read other posts celebrating God’s abundance and to learn how you, too, can participate.



6 responses

10 01 2011

Beautiful photos and even more beautiful your perspective of gratitude for each little thing.

11 01 2011

Thanks, Grace.

10 01 2011
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Oh, my goodness, Jeanne. They are gorgeous – every one. I think the one where the bride is reading the love letter is my favorite, but then so is the next one with the reflection in the window (such attention to detail), and the cowboy boots (because she can), and the goldfinch in the snow…nope. Can’t choose. They are gorgeous every one.

God’s mercies are indeed new every single morning. Much love to you, sweet encouraging friend.

11 01 2011

Thanks so much, Patricia. Your photos are always such a feast, I’m delighted to give you a similar pleasure. Much love to you, too, and grace for your journey.

10 01 2011


11 01 2011


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