25 02 2011

After lunch today, I’ll hop into my car (yes, literally hop . . . it amuses the neighbors), and head south. Several hours later, Lord willing, I’ll arrive at a conference center where four Woman’s Missionary Union associations are converging for a retreat. Their theme is Changing Tides, and they’ve asked me to be their keynote speaker.

I haven’t always enjoyed public speaking. There was a time when it petrified me. But then I had an interesting shift in perspective that changed everything. I realized that people who gather at these sorts of events come expecting to meet with God, and God also comes, desiring to meet with those who seek Him. I am simply an available vessel — a clay pot, with stains and scratches and more than a few cracks, far from perfect and even less likely to impress, but that’s exactly what I need to be. She who has been forgiven (and given) much, loves much. She who knows her own emptiness is free to be filled and poured out for others.

So I go, as eager to discover what God will do as anyone else in attendance will be. What a glorious dance, this life! He leads. We follow. And suddenly our feet have wings.

In other “Today” news, I posted a rather confessional piece this morning at All the Church Ladies. If there’s still anyone out there who hasn’t seen past this old pot’s patched up places, here’s your chance to discover one of my many weak spots. Oh, to grace, how great a debtor! Thanks for loving me anyway. (Yes, you love me. God commands you to, so there.)

I’d appreciate your prayers this weekend. For safe travel and a glorious time with the One who rules the changing tides. He is our peace.



6 responses

25 02 2011
deb@talk at the table

This was brilliant!
and so very you . and a little how I wish to be. 🙂

praying for you always,

love you.
and you know, my husband was in Texas this week for work. Maybe someday?
A coffee ?

who knows. not me. who knew all this?

25 02 2011

Yes! COME to Texas, and we will coffee and play and marvel over beauty and laugh for sheer joy over what grace does with our failings. Do it now. Or maybe you should wait till next week. Right now I’m out the door . . .

Love you, too!

25 02 2011
deb@talk at the table

I imagine you are hard on yourself ( read the other piece )

25 02 2011

That’s only because you’re sweet. 😉

25 02 2011

Oh, dear. Just read deb’s comments and wondering if I should go read the other piece before I comment here. But i”m jumping in, just to say how lovely it would be to hear you speak one day. I think you make an excellent clay vessel. 🙂 Ok. Jumping over there now.

25 02 2011
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Oh…will you share the highlights of your message with us? What a gift you are, Jeanne.

I, too, used to be terrified of public speaking, but now I enjoy it. The opportunity stimulates me…the challenge to wait on the Lord’s direction and the growth I always experience as a result.

Like you, I’m humbled that God would use a cracked pot like me.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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