Remembering Mimi

18 03 2011

Life is like a silver strand, strung with holy moments. When I’m too distracted by the world’s fluorescent glare, I miss their soft iridescence, God slipping sweet pearls into my day, whispering His nearness.

On Fridays I post at All the Church Ladies. Off and on throughout the week I pray and think about women I’ve known who’ve influenced my faith, and I select one to write about. This week for some reason I made it all the way to Thursday evening and I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to write. Around 8:30 or so I sat down to my computer and prayed again. Who, Lord? One memory rose to mind. The last conversation I ever had with my father’s mother. My Mimi.

I opened a composition box and began typing, sweet memories rising to the surface. It wasn’t until I’d almost finished that I realized the significance of the post’s date. I typed the words and then sat in silent awe for a few moments. It may seem a small thing to many, but it was a shimmering pearl on my strand. A holy moment.

It’s good to remember, because in remembering, we know we are known. I hope you’ll join me today in a sweet and tender memory.



8 responses

18 03 2011

I left a comment there. That was so beautiful. God has blessed you with such a lovely gift. Thanks for sharing.

18 03 2011

Thanks for your comment here and there, Gary. I’m so glad the post blessed you!

18 03 2011
deb colarossi

I wish I could hug you .
Thank you for that incredible piece of you..

18 03 2011

I wish you could, too! You’re welcome with all my heart.


18 03 2011

I’ve been banned from that site.

I think.

18 03 2011

What?! Why? If you would behave yourself, these things wouldn’t happen.

19 03 2011
L.L. Barkat

I love that she is called your “Mimi.” Kind of like the way the word Mommy ends in “my.”

These people, they belong to us, even as we belong to them…

19 03 2011

Thanks, L.L. I love that thought. Isn’t belonging what we all long for?

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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