What Would Jesus Say?

25 03 2011

Today I posted the same story on two blogs I write for, tweaking it only slightly for the different audiences.

“Why are you being such a Lazy MacLazerson?” you ask.

Fair enough question (though you are rather bold coming right out with it like that). But laziness is not the reason I double posted. Oh, and for the sake of full disclosure, I should add that this story first appeared on The Master’s Artist way back in October of 2006.

So, now perhaps you’re wondering why, in this fifteen-minutes-of-relevance culture, I would resurrect a post that is so five years ago. To that I simply say, Ha! It’s not “so five years ago.” It’s actually so thirteen years ago. And part of it is so thirty-nine years ago. And another part is so sixty-nine years ago. But the truth is that some things remain relevant in spite of the passing tides of fashion, fad, and front-page news. And some things are worth repeating, especially if they make people (me) laugh out loud and simultaneously remind them (me) Who’s running this show.

So I tell this story again — a story that begins with that beloved, timeless, immortalized phrase that never fails to draw us in and awaken a sense of childhood wonder. You know the one I mean:

“The force is strong in my family. My mother has it. My husband and I both have it. And, bless their hearts, it’s pretty much epidemic in our children. The ‘force’ to which I’m referring is, of course . . .”

Well, you don’t think I’m going to post the whole story here, too, do you? To read the rest, please join me at All the Church Ladies or Girls, God, and the Good Life.

(You know you want to.)



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