While we wait . . .

2 06 2011

Even as I type, our beautiful Sarah is on her way to see her midwife, past her due date, and experiencing irregular contractions. Perhaps we will meet Naomi Belle today? Tomorrow?

Yesterday I read Psalm 16 and was impressed to pray it over Sarah. Then I sent her an email. She wrote back that it is her favorite Psalm and that she’d actually quoted it in a video testimony that was shown at The Village Church this past Sunday. I just watched the video online and once again was humbled and amazed by God’s intimacy and grace toward one who was in many ways an orphan, but has been joyfully adopted into God’s family and ours.

Sarah is a living picture of grace upon grace — God’s kindness, redemption, and loving purpose.

Psalm 16:6 says, “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

And what a sweet gift is this? Naomi means “pleasant.” And Belle means “beautiful.”

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

And I stand in awe of You.

(To watch Sarah’s testimony, click here.)





18 responses

2 06 2011
Diana Trautwein

Oh.my.goodness. Jeanne, that is one of the most beautiful, most articulate and most humbling testimonies I’ve ever heard – and I’ve heard a lot of them. What a gift she must be in your family circle. And what a great gift all of you must be for her. I have dear friends who are missionaries in Japan, doing wonderful work with Asian Access. (Tim and Wakako are with AAccess and live in Sapporo and are finding amazing open doors through working with Alpha’s marriage program.) And I know of some wonderful missionaries who are working with with our denomination and are closer to the relief work currently underway. It is a rich mission field, but also tough in many ways. Many, many blessings as you wait for this precious girl’s arrival – and start saving those airline miles. :>)

2 06 2011

Thank you, Diana. She is truly a gift to us!

I’ll pass along to Luke and Sarah what you shared about your friends in Japan. They are always interested in knowing how the gospel is already at work there. And, yes. We expect to spend many hours in airplanes when the time comes. 🙂

Thanks for the blessings. Much love to you.

2 06 2011
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Amen to everything Diana said. BEAUTIFUL, powerful testimony from Sarah. I’m humbled by her spiritual maturity and wisdom. The whole story, God’s story of redemption as told through you and Sarah, gives me chills. Praying and waiting with you from Pollywog Creek. Love you much! Patricia

2 06 2011

Thank you, dear Patricia. And thank you for praying and waiting with us. Knowing that intercessions are rising from Pollywog Creek is a sweet comfort to me.

Love to you, friend. xo

2 06 2011

Ah, Jeanne. Can I link it–both my FB and WorldMag Blog?

2 06 2011

Yes, of course! Please do. Thank you, Michelle!

2 06 2011
Sharon O

What a beautiful testimony and a beautiful young ‘mom’ to be. God bless you all.

2 06 2011

Thank you, Sharon. We are leaning into Him.

2 06 2011

Wow–Amazed at Sarah’s testimony and blown away by her clear, unwavering reliance on God the Father. She seems like a very special young woman; you must shiver with excitement at the thought of her mothering this new life!

Furthermore, I’m sure her heart is so full with you as her mother-in-law!! What a precious bond you share! Yours is a relationship that makes me yearn for more in my own. Thanks for shining light on God’s limitless possibilities.

2 06 2011

Thanks so much, Jane! God has definitely given me a daughter and a treasure in Sarah. And what a gift she is to our son and to their child. Yes, we are excited and filled with rejoicing.

I pray God’s blessing on your relationship with your mother-in-law. May she, too, desire that it grow stronger and deeper, to His glory and to both of your delight.

Much love.

2 06 2011
Barbara Thayer

Jeanne…what a blessing you have in Sarah. A tender heart, a beautiful smile and a humble attitude. God has given you grace upon grace and now you await a beautiful babe! I rejoice with you. I, too, have been blessed with a daughter in law sent from heaven who loves the Lord and is a wonderful mother. I tell her all the time how much I love her! She will be presenting us with our third grandson in July. There is no better blessing in all the earth than to have a daughter in law who loves Christ! We pray for safe delivery of little Naomi Belle…and lots of pictures when she comes!!!!

2 06 2011

Thanks, Barbara, for these sweet words and for your prayers for Naomi’s safe arrival! We are all so eager to meet her! And, yes, there will be a lot of pictures! 🙂

I’m delighted for you that you have such a beautiful relationship with your daughter-in-law, and she is blessed to have you, too.

Much love to you and your growing family.

2 06 2011
Louann Gibson Dollarhide

Jeanne, As I sit here with tears in my eyes after listening to Sarah’s testimony, I am surrounded by the Holy Spirit as He embraces me with His Love and Tenderness. Actually, I am at a loss for words right now, but feel lead, as a mom and a grandmother, to rejoice in awe with you at what our Lord has brought to fruition. Praying, praying for Sarah, Luke and their precious gift from God. With love in His Name! Louann Gibson Dollarhide (an old college friend)

2 06 2011

Dear Louann, Thank you so much for these tender, heartfelt words. It means a lot to me — and I know it will mean a lot to Sarah — that God touched you deeply through her testimony. And thank you for praying with us for Sarah, Luke, and Naomi. We are excited to meet her soon!

So good to hear from you. Much love.

2 06 2011

Oh goodness! She is a total doll. I was so proud of her just listening to her testimony and I am a complete stranger to you. But we are sisters in Christ and I am compelled to pray for her at this late hour of tonight/tomorrow. Blessings on you and this precious new gift of life. (I just love that she tucked the dream of marrying your son away and pondered it in her heart.) Your new grand daughter’s very first birthday gift will be being born into such a beautiful family. Blessings flow… to you and yours.

3 06 2011

Thanks, Patricia! I’m smiling as I read your words. Your delight over Sarah is such a blessing to me.

Please keep praying. No baby yet, and tomorrow we head into the 42nd week. Sarah is doing great, but she is so ready! We are trusting God’s perfect timing and provision. He is always good and certainly never late.

Grateful for you.

6 06 2011

hi Jeanne,

powerful testimony from Sarah…i see from the twitter sidebar that Sarah and Naomi are in the home stretch, and i’m praying for them both!



6 06 2011
emily wierenga

this love you and your daughter share, it’s extraordinary. i cannot wait to see photos of beautiful naomi belle 🙂

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