1 07 2011

If it were up to me, I would only ever come to a blog composition box with touching stories. We’d all be uplifted — though perhaps we’d brush away a tear or two — and we’d leave with the cockles of our hearts a’glowing warm. If it were up to me. And I suppose some would say it is up to me, but there are times when my heart breaks for the church, and my Father reminds me that I’ve been adopted into His family, and while that adoption brings with it unspeakably wonderful privileges it also brings responsibilities.

Will I let peer pressure keep me from declaring His goodness and love?

Not today.

In weakness and trembling and leaning hard into grace, I invite you to join me at All the Church Ladies. Will you consider with me what it means to be a legitimate son? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



3 responses

1 07 2011
Barbara Thayer

Jeanne as Ambassadors for Christ, we cannot keep silent. There are times we must speak up and share the truth in love. I am reminded of how the Apostle Paul more than once ruffled feathers. It would be wonderful to only write or speak about the wonderful things in life…but there are hard things which all Christians must talk about. How can we share in one another’s joys or sorrows if we keep silent? True love comes with discipline both in our own lives and also in the life of the church. Legitimate sons that are loved by God are also disciplined by God. I know I have been “taken to the wood shed” at times in my walk. We must never let peer pressure keep us from being all that Christ has called us to be. Thank you for posing this question and your thoughts. May we all stand tall and faithful to the Lord.

5 07 2011
Windows and Paper Walls

Still chewing over this one, Miss J. Feeling some conviction, which is a good thing.

It’s so easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and I think we’ve done that, with fundamentalism.

I still think it’s best to error on the side of grace when it comes to others (particularly unbelievers, or those who earnestly believe differently than we do), but as concerns our own selves…well, I think with all the new-found grace, we’ve given ourselves an “anything-goes” ticket. Which ain’t good.

Thanks for the reminder to take care…

Appreciate and love you so. XO

7 07 2011

Grace, yes. But what does grace look like? God shows me grace when He refines me. When He prunes away the dead weight. I’m feeling convicted, too. Convicted that a big part of grace is believing and declaring that God is good in what He forbids. That He wants to free us from our cages, not adorn them with a facade of respectability. If we aren’t sent to share this amazing news with unbelievers or those who earnestly believe differently than we do, to whom are we sent?

I wrestle, my friend. Truly. Thanks for coming alongside.

Appreciate and love you, too. So much.

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