Nine Squared

4 07 2011

We managed to stay away for eight days. But, I mean, look at that face?

So we’re back . . .

to soak up the sweetness

and to marvel over changes in only one week.

We’re here to celebrate her in all her tiny, wonderful newness.

And we’re here to celebrate another’s birth.
With good food and fine wine.

With spoken words of affirmation and appreciation.
And with cake!

Nine squared.
Eighty-one years.
And the more we tried to make it about him,
the more he expressed his gratitude for us.
A life lived loving,

A life lived grateful,
setting an example for all of us
to go forth and do likewise.

And the gift goes on.

* * *

Giving thanks in community for:

#156 Soft baby coos
#157 Tiny feet kicking to a Daddy’s love song
#158 A father’s example of gentleness passed down to generations
#159 Beautiful food savored slowly
#160 Intentional time around the table
#161 Unexpected tears in prayer
#162 The blending of familiar voices in song
#162 Dad expressing gratitude even for these difficult, tender, final things
#163 The power of words, spoken, written, believed
#164 Freedom, God given, government endorsed (Happy Birthday, America.)



17 responses

4 07 2011
Sharon O

She is SO beautiful, isn’t it wonderful to be grandma and love on that little precious person? welcome to the ‘grandparents’ club. :o) I have six. from a grandma in Oregon.

5 07 2011

Thanks, Sharon! We LOVE being grandparents. Naomi is our second. So far. Hopefully we’ll catch up with you some day.

4 07 2011
Amy Sullivan

Clicked over from Ann’s…oh, I love that you are able to “soak up sweetness”. Enjoy!

5 07 2011

Thanks, Amy! We’re having so much fun. 🙂

4 07 2011

Oh, my goodness! I haven’t been to visit in a bit and look what I’ve missed. She is beautiful. Such beautiful, beautiful blessings, Jeanne.

5 07 2011

Thanks, Laura! We are overflowing with gratitude, wonder, and joy.

4 07 2011

So beautiful and joyous! I wouldn’t be able to stay away, either.

5 07 2011


4 07 2011
Lynn Mosher

Awww…what precious photos! She is such a beautiful baby grand! She looks like you, Jeanne! Enjoy grandmotherhood!

5 07 2011

Aw, thanks, Lynn. Do you really think so? I must be pretty adorable then. 🙂 And grandmotherhood is the best!

4 07 2011

I guess I missed what the ’81’ was about…? But still, beautiful pictures and beautiful words, as always!

5 07 2011

It was my dad’s 81st birthday. 🙂


5 07 2011
Windows and Paper Walls

Giving thanks for:
#1287 Jeanne’s gorgeous posts, which always either make me smile or cry.

7 07 2011

Aw, thanks, Cathy. You’re the best. xo

6 07 2011

I’m overcome…
My own parents have passed in the last 3 years and I’ve worked with the elderly for quite some time now… I dearly love them. I now work for hospice in my hometown. You are a rare jewel, Jeanne… a living tesimony to your parents’ love for you and I can see it replaying in your own children and their children. Your family singing video is precious and you have your mother’s lovely alto voice =)

7 07 2011

Dear Patricia, thank you so much for your kind words of affirmation. I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents. With your tender heart and love for the elderly, I have no doubt you brightened their lives immensely. Thank you again, and much love to you.

8 07 2011
Simply Darlene

Such beauty here. What a treat that you shared it all with us.


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