The beauty of fractured glass

21 07 2011

We aren’t meant to live alone in our pain or our redemption. We aren’t meant to hide our fractures or the light that transforms them into jewel-toned glory. We’re in this kaleidoscope together by design. These breathtaking patterns of varicolored brilliance existed long ago in the heart of the Artist, and He twists and turns this life with purpose, the pieces tumbling into place at His command.

The director asked the hard questions, and I answered, and the tears in his eyes caught the light and reflected it back to me in colors of grace.

Monday I was in Nashville, sitting in that chair. I hope you’ll join me today at The Master’s Artist for the rest of the story.



4 responses

21 07 2011
Daniel Farrow

Jeanne. Would it be possible to see the video you refer to in your ‘The Master’s Artist’ post?

21 07 2011
Daniel Farrow

I hope so. I’m intrigued by the group you mentioned, and I’d like to know more about them if only to keep them lifted up in prayer. Thanks.

21 07 2011
Jeanne Damoff

Yes! I will definitely post a link to the video once it’s live! And I’ll also provide more information about the group and their new release. For now I was cryptic on purpose, because I didn’t want to steal their thunder. 🙂

Thanks for asking, Daniel. I know they would greatly appreciate your prayers.

21 07 2011
Daniel Farrow

I look forward to seeing the video and your welcome for the prayers. As an intercessor, I don’t find it hard to pray for one more person or group. Thanks again. 😀

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