Finding Beauty in the Ripples

22 07 2011

Her face was a tortured mixture of defiance and agony, and her gaze never budged from my face as she waited for an answer. I don’t know what she saw in the eyes that met hers, but I know what I felt. Compassion and mercy and a desperate longing for words that would speak purpose to her pain.

Today at All the Church Ladies I introduce my friend, Tammy, who suffered the unthinkable. Can redemption reach even this far? Come and see.



3 responses

22 07 2011
Sandra Heska King

Oh my! That looks like our Rose Dog–pink nose and all–that passed away last year.

22 07 2011
Simply Darlene

Miss Jeanne,

I read your words at All The Church Ladies. Such a story. Part of His-story, no doubt. It is raw and real and God-anchored.

It moved me. A lot.


31 07 2011
michelle derusha

I read your story about Tammy, and I just want you to know how touched I am. You have an incredible gift, Jeanne, to be able to encourage that transformation. And you are brave. I think I would have run from the room in the face of that kind of heart-breaking confrontation.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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