This is Love for God

29 07 2011

Sometimes it gets too heavy, all this brokenness. People we love picking up the pieces of shattered lives. Politicians with their posturing and maniacs with their manifestos, peddling fear and destruction like so many saber-toothed carnival barkers in a nightmare we can’t seem to shake. War, famine, injustice on every side, and the weight crushes, sagging our hopes with our shoulders.

And then we hear it . . .

In the midst of the ache, a song — ethereal, like a breeze brushing kiss in scorching midday heat. There is a reality more real than what we see. A love deeper than the deepest pain. A Fountain of living waters.

Please join me today at All the Church Ladies, and drink.



3 responses

2 08 2011
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

There is a fountain…so very, very beautiful, Jeanne.

4 08 2011
Lynn Mosher

How beautiful is that?! Wow! Thank you for sharing this most precious moment! I tried to leave this message at HighCalling but I got this message: We’re sorry, we cannot accept this data. ???

4 08 2011

Thanks, Lynn! Weird about the message you tried to leave. Did you include inappropriate data? 😉

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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