Diving in again

8 08 2011

I remember this.
Wrapping small bodies in a warm soft towel after bath.
Sweet scent of clean hair,
chubby limbs
tucked into fuzzy PJs,
cuddled in my lap for a story.

I remember this.
The delight of discovery,
everything new,
everything wonderful.

Endless energy and curiosity.
Easy trust and laughter.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom to grow.

I remember the wise eyes
and the mystery —
wishing I could ask,
but knowing they can’t answer.

Do these eyes speak
a wordless language
of love and wonder,
echoes of the Voice
that whispered in the waters?

They know,
but they’re not telling.

I remember this —
gazing long
into unclouded windows
of newborn vision
and marveling
over the miracle.

I remember this with my children,
their parents,
and the joy, it floods my soul
like a swollen river that knows this course by heart.
And I dive in,
because I know the current is swift
and the moments like sparkles,
glimmering glimpses,
too quickly gone.

I dive in and soak
up the wonder,
breathe the grace,
brush my finger across feather soft skin
and feel the awe all over again.

I dive in,
even though I know I can’t
hold back the river’s flow —
that it will take
them where it takes us all.

I embrace this ache
and let it break my heart.

Because it was worth it
the first time.

* * *

Giving thanks in community for:

#184 Children and Grand-children
#185 The awesome privilege of loving, nurturing, and stewarding eternal souls
#186 God’s faithfulness in every generation
#187 Peace that passes understanding
#188 Summer fruit, and the senses of taste and smell
#189 Gelato! (Coconut and Dark Chocolate. Oh. My. Soul.)
#190 Forgiveness
#191 Friendship
#192 Physical exertion and rest
#193 Music (always)
#194 Dancing (as often as possible)
#195 Laughter (at mostly appropriate times)
#196 Air-conditioning and fans

And the “hard eucharisteo”:

#197 Extended drought and record-breaking heat in Texas (Yes, Lord, I thank You, because I know You are in control and You are always good. Please accomplish Your divine purposes in these extreme conditions, protect and provide for those who are most affected, and in Your timing, please send rain and cooler temperatures.)
#198 Shaky economies and intense global suffering (May our generosity abound, Lord. May we rise up to feed the hungry and rescue the afflicted. And may many souls turn from lives of hopelessness and vanity to faith in the Living God.)

To join the chorus of giving thanks in all things, click the graphic below:



6 responses

8 08 2011
Sharon O

Precious little ones, precious joy and innocense. Love it.

8 08 2011

Oh my gosh… this brought tears to my eyes. My babies weren’t babies very long… now they’re 9 and 5. And I’m already looking forward to the grandbabies, and I’ll soak up every moment because I’ll KNOW how fast it will pass.

8 08 2011

Beautiful…. those pictures are precious.
It brought tears to my eyes, as well, thinking about the beautiful bond that has formed between my mother and I since I became a mother…. and watching my parents fall in love with my children…
Priceless. ❤

8 08 2011
Megan Willome

I cannot get to your #197. I just can’t. I’ve tried all freakin’ summer here in Fredericksburg. I give up.

8 08 2011
Daniel Farrow

I do give thanks for 108 degree heat here in Kansas City, MO. The hottest temperatures I have ever had to endure, and yet I haven’t lost my love for God in the middle of it. Giving thank for air conditioners and friends who give me a ride when I’m walking in the heat. 😀

10 08 2011

Jeanne, again you weave magic with words and velvet memories. This was achingly beautiful. Thank you for reminding me to savor it all, even now, with “babies” 5, 8, and 9.

Much love—Jane

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