Retreat, Rekindle

1 09 2011

Writing is a lonely pursuit. Sometimes you wonder if you’re wasting your time. Does your dance with words matters at all?

Maybe you should let it go. Ignore the ache. When words peek in at your window and linger at your door, tell them sternly you can’t come out to play. Pretend you don’t care. That you don’t believe you have anything beautiful to say. That the world will get along just fine if you never write another word.

Except you do care. And the ache won’t leave you alone. And the world will be worse for your silence, even if you’re only meant to sing to a few.

Maybe what you really need is some time to rekindle.

Maybe you need a retreat. And I know just the one . . .

Join me today at The Master’s Artist to learn about an opportunity to get away with like-minded artists for a long weekend of rest, refreshment, and mutual encouragement. I’m hoping to go, and I’d love to see you there.



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