Like a Tree Planted

23 09 2011

He was my best friend, my soul-mate, the agent of God’s healing. Our foundation was solid, and I entered marriage without fear. We would live in unity on our knees, I was certain, receiving this gift only to pour it back out at His feet and for His kingdom.

. . . but words pierced and misunderstandings divided, and I found myself bruised in spirit, trying to scale impossible walls, broken-hearted, and full of self-pity.

Marriage isn’t a fairy tale. It’s roots and branches, tangled, broken, mended, restored, beautified by redemption and raised in praise to the God who orders the seasons . . .

It’s like a tree planted.

My lovely friend, Emily Wierenga, asked me to write a guest post about what it means to be at this point in George’s and my marriage, having gone through the seasons we have. I was honored and humbled by her request. A lot has happened in the past thirty-two years, but God’s grace and faithfulness covers it all. Whether you’re married or not — whatever stage of life you’re in — I hope you’ll join me at Em’s place, and I pray this glimpse into our journey will encourage you in yours.

Love, Jeanne



4 responses

23 09 2011
Jo Ann

Thank you Jeanne. This was such an honest and beautiful piece. I love the comparison you made of marriage to a tree’s roots. It’s so true. We must go deeper to find and drink of His mighty streams. Lean into Him and trust what He is doing and how He is doing it. It isn’t always easy, but when we see things more from His perspective and less from our own, it changes everything. Not all at once, like you said. It takes time for the greatest trees to grow strong, shouldn’t it take time for a great marriage to grow strong. Marriage is such a unique experience and gift we are given. I think that a lot of people miss how much we can grow and better glorify our Creator through it. Especially through the struggles and hardships.
I was reading a bit through your blog and about your experience with your son and was extremely touched. Sometimes when you find out the struggles people have been through, their character makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful heart. 🙂

23 09 2011

You’re welcome, Jo Ann. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, too. Yes, marriage is unique and a gift worth fighting for. “Lean into Him and trust what He is doing and how He is doing it.” I love that.

Also thank you for digging deeper into our story. I’m honored you would take the time to do so. We’ve seen God work in such tender ways in and through our suffering, and we long for others who are hurting to know that God is always faithful and always good — to see past the brokenness to the beauty He is creating through it.

Thanks again.
Love, Jeanne

23 09 2011
Sharon O

Beautiful post, marriage is so hard at times, we had a ‘journey’ we went through our 25th year almost splitting up then our first grand daughter came into the picture. God said to me, ‘you always wanted a family you always wanted a traditional story you have the chance now with this tiny one’.
We were grand parents, we were parents with a daughter in crisis and a grand baby in crisis our ‘own’ had to wait. After counseling and a lot of work between us we are almost at year 38 and have six grand children later.
The story is much better than it would have been.

23 09 2011

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Sharon. Blessings on your beautiful survival story. May the Lord grant you many more years to grow together.

Love, Jeanne

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