10 10 2011

Just a thought today. A whispered hope, received to be shared with any who may feel frustrated or disappointed in the smallness of their calling and influence.

Remember Ruth. Young, widowed, foreign, she humbled herself to gather bits and scraps in a stranger’s field, meager sustenance to care for a beloved mother-in-law. She had no dreams of grandeur, but sought to live in obedient surrender to the highest good she knew.

Your people will be my people, and your God my God.

And so He was. She gleaned in barley fields, unaware that a redeemer protected and provided, never guessing that in a field far hence, Fruit would spring forth to feed the whole world’s desperate need. She received unexpected gifts of noble husband, comfortable home, and baby son. Ruth, once destitute, foreign, bereaved — was renamed. Adopted. Favored. Beloved.

But that’s not all. What she didn’t know was what would be.

Ruth, the great-great grandmother of King David.
Ruth, the ancestor of Jesus Christ.

We glean what we see, these bits and pieces He pulls from His sheaves, and precious are the unexpected gifts He gives. But that’s not all. What we don’t know is what will be.

May we be comforted in our smallness, laying aside dreams of grandeur, and humbly doing the work He gives in the field of His choosing.

May we remember Ruth, and live in obedient surrender to the highest good we know.

And may we rejoice in what we don’t know. There is a Redeemer who sees, protects, and provides, and He is preparing a harvest far hence. In the heart of God, what will be already is.

And with that hope, I bow low to gather another ear of grain.

* * *

Giving thanks today for gifts gleaned (#280-#296):

words, color, rhythm, sense,
miracles of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste,
wind in leaves, dappling light and shadow on the blinds,
moments captured by the lens,
peace that far surpasses,
grace for the real need,
purpose written on the heart of God
all things redeemed



7 responses

10 10 2011
Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Amen!!! And what a beautiful photo, Jeanne.

10 10 2011
Jo Ann

This is so true. When we aren’t always looking for the bigger and brighter things and we instead concentrate on doing the smaller things in our lives greater, it’s amazing what results from this. Blessings are so close, if we just have the eyes to see what is all around us…even in the hardest times.
Thank you for putting things so simply and beautifully Jeanne. 🙂

10 10 2011
Barbara Thayer

Thank you for what you wrote Jeanne. There are times when I wonder if anything I do or write touches anyone. However, what God calls us to do, He will take and use for His glory not ours. We need to think on Ruth and how God used her life beyond what she could ever imagine. He is so good to us. Thank you for the word of encouragement today. I needed that. Blessings to you.

10 10 2011
Dea Moore

Thank you for this simply powerful message to encourage us when we our calling is to pick up the “bits and pieces”– what was left behind after the harvest. May I bend in humility and glean. Yes, I find comfort in smallness and in “unexpected gifts.”

10 10 2011

Wow… a true work of art…
The picture, the words…
a masterpiece.

Ruth, a woman just being faithful in what she was given . . .

10 10 2011
Amy Hunt -- a {Grace} full *life*

rejoicing in what we don’t know…hmmm…this has me thinking today. So. Much.

Rich blessings as you honor Him in your reflecting on these very true stories we remember, seeing that He is the same now as He was then.

14 10 2011

You are just a peaceful, gentle place to be. Thanks for posting, for allowing our visits. (((you)))

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