Reconnecting with our own stories

14 10 2011

“We just want you to tell your story,” Margaret said, and I could hear her beautiful smile through the phone. It took me back.

There are people whose paths intersect our own, and we walk alongside them for a season of life’s journey. The road we share may be level or steep, smooth or rough, straight or filled with unexpected twists and turns, but no matter where it leads, chances are we only glimpse the tip of God’s purposes in the communion. Life is spinning too fast, and our vision is too weak, and even if we tried, we’d never fathom the depths of His intricate design, weaving lives, colors bleeding both ways, the fabric of who we are changed forever without our realizing it.

Sometimes it’s only in the looking back that we see.

Yesterday I reconnected with some people who touched my life more than twenty-five years ago, and in the process, I reconnected with pieces of myself. Please join me here for the rest of the story. I’d be delighted.



3 responses

14 10 2011
Jo Ann

Thanks for sharing this Jeanne. What a great experience! It’s incredible when we really reflect on the blessings and purpose everyone we know brings into our lives. Even the people we haven’t seen for 25 years. The photo of the women praying over you is so beautiful and touching.
And your hair is beautiful! I love it! Love to you friend 🙂

20 10 2011

I’m headed over to read more, but I can’t stop looking at all those beautiful Jesus-sisters up there in that picture. Is it weird that I have a lump in my throat right now? Can’t help it…

23 10 2011
Deborah Carr

Thank you for sharing this glimpse of yourself ‘in action’ and reminding the rest of us that “Sometimes the best lessons are absorbed while other matters are on the official docket.” You are so right…and sometimes the most cherished moments only come in the looking back with the wisdom, open heart, and tenderness of the ‘grey years’.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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