Look up!

7 11 2011

The Voice, it calls,
but I,
strain at these oars.
The list is long
and the goal far,
and who has time
to stop
and listen?

Who has time
to be still
and know?

But then.

The gasp.
The wonder.
The stunned,

The sudden
“Look up!”

It’s everywhere, this beauty,
exploding in creation,

It’s the knowledge
of the glory
of the Lord,
filling the earth
as the waters cover the sea.

It’s the song of the stars,
river’s laugh and
color’s frolic at dawn,
pulsing with invitation.

Go out in joy!
Be led forth in peace!

Mountains burst forth into singing,
Trees clap hands, keeping time,
And the starlings . . .

Ah, the starlings!

I will stop.
I will listen.
I will look up.
And I will learn
from the starlings
how to

* * *

Giving thanks in community (#297-309)

beauty everywhere
glimpsed mystery
shared wonder
God’s timing
unchanging Truth
garden greens in tidy rows
scent of fresh oregano
food as art
food as nourishment
new mercies today



8 responses

7 11 2011

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

The starlings dance, your words to describe, the way He inspires you. It’s all so good.
And I, too, love that food can be nourishing and it can be art all at the same time!


7 11 2011

And we stand in awe of Him. Thank you for this Jeanne.

7 11 2011
Sharon O

Beautiful words paired with a gorgeous picture equals ~ Awesome.

7 11 2011

When I read this, I saw you dancing sweetly with our Abba Father. How precious that He holds your heart with such gentleness and love.

7 11 2011
roseann elliott

beautiful…lovely picture you painted…got to love bacon and garlic…:)
Blessings as you dance…

7 11 2011
Deborah Carr

Surely this is evidence that the music of God sings in the hearts of his creatures.

7 11 2011
Debbra @ Garlands

The Voice calls and woos, indeed! The awesome glory…pure, majestic glory! That you stopped to notice and respond in poetic praise brings Him such pleasure! And by sharing you invited us to join the dance!

7 11 2011
Sandra Heska King

Stopping to listen. To look up. To dance. In spite of. Because of.

Thank you, sweet Jeanne!

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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