Giving Art

1 12 2011

Every year I look for new ways to simplify the holidays, but this year I have no choice. We’re moving to Dallas nine days before Christmas. No time for decking any halls or hand-crafting gifts. I may just stack a bunch of the packing boxes into a tree-shaped pyramid, wrap twinkle lights around them, and invite all my friends and relations over for a “present” opening party. Pot luck, of course.

Whatever we do, it will definitely have to be simple, but I still want to infuse the holiday with meaning and beauty. Don’t you?

One way we can do that is by giving gifts of art, and today at The Master’s Artist I listed a few artists I admire, along with links to their music, visual art, and books. I hope you’ll stop by and check them out, and while you’re there, please tell us about some of your favorite artists and how we can purchase their works for our loved ones as well.

Let’s help each other make this the most beautiful Christmas yet. Even for those of us who will have to spend it amidst the boxes.




One response

5 12 2011
Deborah Carr

This is such a beautiful photo…it touched my heart so…and I imagined how you must have smiled when you captured the moment. I could even hear the faint ring of Christmas carols in my ear.

And then I thought, ‘Oh dear. This little one is already learning the Christmas tradition of untangling the mini-lights.’ I remember the year I drop-kicked a large tangle of them into the backyard with a hearty ‘good riddance’. Christmas has been much simpler since then! 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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