still and restful

5 02 2012

He leads me beside the still and restful waters.

~Psalm 23:2b, Amplified Bible

* * *



11 responses

5 02 2012
~ Patricia

Oh, Jeanne….that is stunning…and so, so perfect for that verse. Don’t you love how the Lord will lead us to places of rest!! XO

5 02 2012
Diana Trautwein

GASP. This photo makes me breathless- spectacular. I’m glad you are doing this – cause then I see your name in my inbox at least once each week. Hang in, it will ease up. Yes, it will.

5 02 2012

Love this picture and I love this scripture from the Amplified Bible. Just wrote it down in my little scripture book.
Gayle from Behind the Gate

5 02 2012

I just keep staring. I know it’s rude, and that duck may feel as if I’m invading its privacy but…WOW! Just. Wow!

Praying that you know and experience this stillness, deep within…

5 02 2012

Beautiful Photo!! Amazingly still!!

5 02 2012
Joanne Norton

LOVE IT! Absolutely gorgeous.

5 02 2012
Barbara Thayer

What a beautiful picture not only of one of God’s creatures but of the true meaning of the Lord’s Day. Thank you for sharing this beauty!

6 02 2012
Deborah Carr

Oh Jeanne, isn’t this a picture of what we all wish for? To be so still, so trusting, so relaxed, so beautiful…just floating in the stillness of His care. Every one of our perfectly-formed feathers, gleaming in the light of His eternal love?

6 02 2012
S. Etole

The colors in this are phenomenal. Such peace …

7 02 2012
deb colarossi

No words.

like you.

9 02 2012
Sandra Heska King

Still. Restful.


Gorgeous, peaceful shot. Love the reflection.

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