Secure Sparrow

14 04 2012

Harper Sparrow
photo editing fun times at

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15 responses

14 04 2012
Sharon O

SWEET picture, is this someone you know personally? wonderful innocense.

15 04 2012

This is our granddaughter, Sharon. Isn’t she precious? 🙂

14 04 2012
Joanne Norton

Another reminder that God has the leadership… not us, in our social attitudes. He makes the choices and we must accept His guidance and wisdom. Good insight.

14 04 2012

What a little sweetie, windblown and caught up in the moment. I want to play!

14 04 2012

Precious photo

14 04 2012

Oh, I needed this verse this week. Thank you sharing it so beautifully.

14 04 2012
Deidra Riggs

So sweet. And totally oblivious to the camera. I love this candid shot!

14 04 2012

What a cutie! This is a promise for mommas to clilng to. 🙂

14 04 2012
Sandra Heska King

Oh my word, Jeanne. I just want to scoop her up. And that promise–and the security of “shall”–such comfort in that.

15 04 2012
Patricia Hunter

That Harper Sparrow is such a little doll. Don’t you just love toddlers…and don’t you wish you could bend down like that? Have a beautiful Sunday, Jeanne. xo

15 04 2012

hi Jeanne,

just back from a longish holiday in venice, which has almost everything i could want in a place, EXCEPT accessible internet. thank you for all the posts i found upon returning to your site–especially “beautiful body”, which is chock-full of encouraging, sustaining things!

hope you had a wonderful Easter!

15 04 2012


16 04 2012
Nancy Franson (@nancyfranson)

These are words I cling to!

17 04 2012
Simply Darlene

Have you seen your extended family since they got back?

What beauty you have captured in His words and creation.


29 04 2012

I CANNOT believe how Harper is growing. Oh. My. Where does the time go?

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