Boot-scootin’ Interview

23 04 2012

Hey, y’all. This past weekend we attended a friend’s wedding in San Angelo, Texas. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception? Well, let’s just say those cotton farmers know how to throw a hootenanny. Barbecue with all the fixin’s, live music, and dancing till almost midnight. Yee haw!

I can still feel the pulse of that two stepping beat, so what better time than this to boot scoot on over to Simply Darlene’s place? Today she posted the first part of a two-part interview she charmingly calls “pickin’ an author’s knows.” (Oh, how I love Darlene’s humor and heart.) The second part will follow on Wednesday. Join me over yonder?

EDIT: Here’s the link to Part 2.

{Thanks, Darlene, for the warm welcome. I’m still humbled by the invitation and truly touched by your gracious and generous words. It’s an honor to have my knows picked by you.}



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23 04 2012
Simply Darlene

Miss Jeanne, it sounds a lot like my own wedding, except my boots where white. Anyway, it was a pleasure to pick your knows. Pick it & flick it took on a new meaning… pick it & flick it & share it. Oh stop. That is so ga-ross.

So, did they play Boot-Scootin’ Boogie and if yes, did you line dance, two-step, or swing?


23 04 2012

I bet your wedding was a total blast, Darlene. Especially since you were there. 🙂

Funny thing. The above photo is one I took of the groom’s sister at HER wedding in January, 2011. Of course, I took hundreds of shots this past weekend, too (how could I not?), but haven’t downloaded them yet.

They did not play Boot-Scootin’ Boogie, but we still managed line dance, two-step, and swing through the course of the evening. So much fun.

23 04 2012

I’ll come visit this evening when the laundry’s done and the tile “guy” has gone home Jeanne. Looking forward to it.

23 04 2012

Thanks, Linda! I hope you’re enjoying your new home. It takes so long to feel completely settled, doesn’t it? Love to you, friend.

23 04 2012
Nancy Franson (@nancyfranson)

I am just wild about Darlene and can’t wait to head on over to her place to read your interview. I just needed to tell you how happy that picture makes me, though! I live in New England but, when our kids were young, we took them on a number of trips out west. We used to tease our daughter about wearing cowboy boots under her wedding dress someday (she just howled in response) That picture just triggered a whole bunch of fun memories 🙂

23 04 2012

I’m so happy to trigger fun memories for you, Nancy! 🙂

24 04 2012
Cindy in PA

I love that you mentioned San Angelo because that is where my husband and I met 32 years ago. I bet it’s changed quite a bit since then. Now I’m off to Simply Darlene’s (I consider this my morning exercise!) Blessings!

27 04 2012
Simply Darlene

Th a nks

(you know how long it took me to do that?)

27 04 2012
Simply Darlene

oh terrifical, it didn’t work…

i had the “many” right on down the center. let’s give it another go.

Th a nks

27 04 2012

“Terrifical.” 🙂

My pleasure, dear Darlene. Truly.

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