Face Time

21 05 2012

I was in the produce section checking the ripeness of some avocados when my phone lit up. It was Grace, calling to tell me that Harper wanted to “talk to Emzee on the computer.”

“I’m at the grocery store,” I said, my emotions a mixture of deep joy (Harper was asking for me!) and genuine disappointment. Given the physical distance between us, I treasure every moment of face time I can get.

“Okay. We’ll do it later,” Grace said. “But I’ll let you talk to her on the phone now.”

It’s hard enough to follow the jabbering of a two year old in person. Add store noise and the unreliability of a cell phone connection, and any kind of real conversation is next to impossible. But I did manage to catch some of it. For one thing, I understood that she wanted me to buy her some bagels. I was, after all, at the store.

I tried to explain the teensy little Texas-to-Seattle problem, but she was undaunted. As far as she was concerned, she could hear my voice, so I was close by.

Then later that evening, when we reconnected by Skype, the distance vanished completely. She could see us. We were right there in the room.

clapping with Pepe after a song

showing us how she will hold her “tiny, tiny baby sister”
in a “couple of days.”

demonstrating how she cried when she fell off her tricycle

She wasn’t hurt, but “it was scary.”

When we told Harper we’ll be coming soon for a visit, she squirmed to get out of Grace’s lap — to let us in the door.

Because, when you’re two, a promise uttered is a good as done.

I’ve heard a lot of sermons about what Jesus meant when He told us we must become like little children, and I suppose there’s more than one beautiful truth hidden in that statement. But today, for me, the meaning is clear.

Harper doesn’t question her Emzee’s accessibility. If she wants to call or send an email or talk on the computer, of course her Emzee will be there. And if Emzee says she’s coming soon, then what are we waiting for? Someone needs to open the door.

And didn’t my Jesus also say He was coming soon, that He was already at the door? And He tells me again and again that He loves to hear my voice, even though He already knows what’s best for me, and my finest attempts at prayer must sound like so much jabbering. He doesn’t delight in me because I’ve got my theological ducks in a row or my supplications flow smooth like honey. It’s not complicated. Jesus wants to clap with me over my joys and to comfort me when I’m hurt or afraid.

He wants me to call on Him because I love Him and His nearness is my good. He wants my heart.

The day is coming (oh, how soon!) when I’ll have unlimited face time with Jesus, all questions answered, communion uninterrupted. But right now, in these dimly lit mirror days, I need to remember the static is all on my side. From His end, the connection is perfectly clear. I can live like a beloved child today, fully trusting, because I’m fully known, never questioning His accessibility, because I know He’s always close by. When I call? Of course He will answer.

Childlike faith is joyfully present and unshakably sure. A baby due in October will be here in a “couple of days,” and a promise uttered is as good as done. Sound like Heaven on earth? According to Jesus, it is.

The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t so very far off after all.

It’s only from here to the door.

* * *

Giving thanks in community for (#460 – 473)

the hope of real face time soon
Harper’s sweet, enthusiastic voice
her baby sister!
the joy of praying for hidden, blossoming, already-but-not-yet life
every day written in His book
hearing God’s Word preached with power
Miguel cooking for us:
Hawaiian pork of awesomeness, piped garlic potatoes, and broccoli with cumin
stories, laughter, and sparkling wine
Naomi’s first steps
Luke and Sarah’s little house
every breath, grace



19 responses

21 05 2012
Nancy Franson (@nancyfranson)

This is lovely, as always. And it encourages me to just show up and show Jesus my crying face sometimes. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

21 05 2012

Thanks, Nancy. And, yes. My crying face probably isn’t as adorable as Harper’s, but when I think of the joy she brings me in her transparency, I’m reminded how lovingly and tenderly He listens, even to my melodramatic prayers. May I take the same delight in Him and long for His coming more and more.

21 05 2012
Tatia Cook

I think Face Time is THE coolest thing! Big smiles here while seeing Grace, and Harper, and you, and George, and Jacob…BIGGER smiles at your wonderful application. You bless my heart, woman!

21 05 2012

Thanks, Tatia. I’m so happy we’ve reconnected in this space. It makes me smile to think of your big and bigger smiles. You bless me, too. xo

21 05 2012

I see lots o’ blue eyes and love in them thar images!

Maybe you can have a layover en route?


21 05 2012

That would be fun! I could use some Darlene time. 🙂

21 05 2012

LOVELY, LOVELY. We have so much to learn from these little ones God gives us – how to be in the moment, how to live what we feel, how to step into trust. Thanks for these words and these pictures. Soon you will have a trio of small, lovely ladies!

21 05 2012

Thanks so much, Dianna. Yes, we learn volumes from these precious gifts. We couldn’t be happier about our lovely little trio. 🙂

21 05 2012

what delightful face time you had with little Harper and what truths you gleaned…longing for that uninterrupted face time with Him…thank you!

21 05 2012

Thanks, Dolly! She’s at such a fun age — so animated and expressive. When I think of how much joy she brings me, I marvel at the magnitude of God’s love, which far exceeds mine. What a wonder.

21 05 2012

oh I love this…so thankful for skype…I still find myself trying to reach through the screen to touch my little one. Children teach us so much…to become small like a child. Great post…blessings to you~

21 05 2012

Thanks! Yes, Skype is a beautiful thing. It helps make the distance to much more bearable, doesn’t it? Love to you and your beloved little one.

21 05 2012

This is such a perfect analogy Jeanne. I am overwhelmed when I think about how individually He loves us. If you, or about 25 million others, are calling Him at the same time I am….no busy signal!

23 05 2012
Jeanne Damoff

Thanks, Linda. And, yes. How is it that I can go for long stretches, ignoring His tender attention? His thoughts toward each one of us out number the sand. I don’t think we’ll ever truly grasp it. Love to you, friend.

21 05 2012
Carol Garborg

I needed to read this today. Thank you!

23 05 2012
Jeanne Damoff

You’re so welcome! xo

24 05 2012

What a wonderful analogy. Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture. It’s so nice to meet you.

24 05 2012
Jeanne Damoff

Thank you. So nice to meet you, too! I just spent a bit of time poking around your blog and will be back for more. Always such a delight to discover a kindred.

24 05 2012

Thank you for stopping by, Jeanne! So nice to meet you as well.

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