A little child shall lead them

27 08 2012

We grown ups have it going on, don’t we?

I mean, look at us! We’ve lived through childhood, adolescence, high school, college, and beyond. (Some of us quite a bit beyond.) We’ve read the books and earned the degrees, and we have all kinds of experience informing our perspective. Little kids are cute and all, but when it comes to the big issues, what of substance can they possibly bring to the conversation? How much can a toddler perceive about the mysteries of life and faith?

Apparently a lot.

On August 24, our daughter Grace posted this update on Facebook:

I had the following conversation in the car this morning with Harper (who is two years & four months old today!). There were no pauses between these questions…

H: Do you love me?
Me: Yes, I love you.
H: Do you love Daddy?
Me: Yes, I love Daddy.
H: Do you love God?
Me: Yes, I love God.
H: Can we pray to Jesus to ask him for help?
Me: Yes, anytime we want.
H: Is Jesus praying for us? (!!!!!)
Me: Yes, Jesus is always praying for us.
H: Is God great?
Me: Yes, God is very great.
H: Is God happy?
Me: Yes, God is happy.
H: Does God love us?
Me: Yes, God loves everything He made.
H: Okay!

Amazed. Absolutely amazed. I’ve never heard her ask any of these questions before. Never underestimate what is happening in the mind and spirit of a child.

I’m absolutely amazed, too. And grateful. And humbled. And I haven’t stopped thinking about this exchange, partly because it brings me so much joy, and partly because, in one brief discourse, this baby (who hasn’t even been speaking in complete sentences very long) covered everything that matters most. At twenty-eight months old, she identified all our best gifts:

  • Loving, secure relationships with the people who form our community
  • Love for God
  • Our blood-bought, unlimited access to Jesus for help
  • Christ’s never-ceasing intercession for us (because, even with our unlimited access, we don’t know what to ask for)
  • God’s unfathomable greatness
  • God’s unruffled, unshakable, all-things-under-control happiness
  • God’s perfect, abiding, undeserved-yet-unchanging love for His children and His creation
  • Resounding faith that these things are so

It’s beyond amazing, really. As one of Grace’s friends commented, “Wow, that one conversation just set her identity for life!”

Yes, Lord. May it be.

And may we, your grown-up children, with all our grown-up sophistication — our bookshelves full of theological books and our five-pound study Bibles and our grasp of big words that symbolize even bigger concepts — may we, too, find our identity in these core truths.

May we bring all our questions to Your infallible Word, not arguing or twisting or trying to conform eternal truths to human logic or popular culture or politically correct thought. May we simply hear and receive and then, like Harper, utter that one astounding, peace-ushering, grace-raining, angel-rejoicing, “Okay!”

May we love You and others well, lean hard on You for all we need, abide quiet under the sheltering wing of our all-sufficient High Priest, and know that we know that we know that You are great, You are happy, and You are perfect love.

Yep. We grown ups have it going on.

When we become like children.

* * *
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5 responses

28 08 2012

Very touching. i am also a mother of a 8 year old.. i cherish every moment i spend with him.. amazing how children in their simple ways decipher so much about life which we sometimes don’t..

28 08 2012
Redemption's Beauty

What a lovely testimony, I’m so touched. Can imagine how your heart is singing joy. It reveals such a sense of her own identity at such a young age. What a gift that little car conversation is.

29 08 2012
Cynthia Swenson

God is AMAZING! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

30 08 2012
Deborah Carr

What a lovely story to cherish and remarkable questions for one so young. I am always amazed at how clearly the young can see and express truth.

3 09 2012
Daniel Farrow

Jeanne. I’m so blessed by the truth of this. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve come to realize that I need the innocence of a child to keep me young and growing in Christ. Matthew 18:1-6

Shalom, Daniel

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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