no surprises here

9 09 2012

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

(Go ahead and sing. You know you want to.)

* * *



11 responses

9 09 2012

Nice post. Happy Birthday.

9 09 2012
Diana Trautwein

I will happily join that chorus. Hope your day if lovely, rich with laughter, family, love.

9 09 2012
Sharon O

Hope your day is wonderful and you can do something fun.

9 09 2012

Happy Birthday! Blessings to you, many, many in the coming year. Enjoy!

9 09 2012

How beautiful!!! Love the verse and picture. Thanks! Hope you have a blessed day…♥

9 09 2012
Deidra Riggs

I DO want to!!! Happy birthday, beautiful one! May you be blessed beyond measure today, and may the people who love you most spoil you well.

9 09 2012

Happy Birthday dear Jeanne. Happy birthday to you!!!!
Have a day filled with love and joy. You are a gift.

9 09 2012
Lyn Cooke

I’m singing too…Happy Birthday to you, Jeanne! May God richly bless you indeed!

9 09 2012
Robin Lawrimore

Happiest of Birthdays and may today begin the best year yet!

9 09 2012
Joanne Norton

Well, of course, have a blessed and MORE blessed birthday than ever before. Ever, ever, ever.

10 09 2012
Daniel Farrow

Happy Birthday Jeanne! I do hope you and your family celebrated well. Blessings! 😀

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