The Stories: An Introduction

10 07 2013


Sometimes it’s as simple as, “Do whatever He tells you.”

You don’t have to be the master of the feast or even an honored guest. You’re a mere servant. Small. Lowly. But by His grace, you’re here. Now. When everything is about to change.

And He doesn’t tell you what He’s going to do. He only says, “Fill the jars with water.” Six stone jars — ordinary, common, in and of themselves capable only of holding what is placed within.

So the servants, they fill those jars to the brim. Ordinary servants with ordinary water. And the master of the feast tastes the best wine, and the guests drink the abundance. They drink deeply of grace, and their eyes brighten, and their hearts revive.

And the servants?

They’re still small. And lowly. But they know where the wine came from. And their lives will never be the same again.


She went to Kazakhstan. Small. Lowly. In and of herself capable only of holding what had been placed within. She went knowing that sometimes He calls us to endure hardship and to suffer well for His glory. Sometimes He asks us to pour ourselves out on parched ground, and to walk away empty and spent, without any assurance that it made the slightest difference.

He owed her nothing and she owed Him everything. So she filled her water jar, and she went, to do whatever He told her. No matter what.

Sometimes the ground is hard, resistant, unrelenting.

And sometimes?


Sometimes the veil brushes aside, and we glimpse mysteries — ground long plowed by the prayers of faithful saints, watered with tears, softening, breaking open. Prison doors swinging wide, and light flooding darkness. Water turning into the very best wine.

They sit in a circle, these broken women, and as she scans their faces, she remembers. With every breath, they invoke His Name. He is here. She opens her mouth, and the Word goes forth — water in her hands, but the best of wine in His — and she watches as He softens stony hearts, exposes lies, opens blind eyes, breaks chains of guilt and shame. She watches mourning turn to dancing, weeping into laughing, and sorrow into joy.

She takes her stone jar to the Master of the feast, and she watches with holy awe as the good wine flows. Because she knows she is small, and this water is ordinary, and the immeasurably more is all Him.

Chains break, prison doors open, darkness trembles, and she slips her shoes off her feet.


Sometimes He pulls the veil aside, and a million questions suddenly need no more answers, because He is here, making all things new.

She’s still small. And lowly. But she did what He told her to, and she knows where the wine came from. And her life will never be the same again.


Her heart is set ablaze, kindled golden by a holy wind.

She’s been swept up into His purposes, and set free to dance.

* * *

Dear friends, thank you with all my heart for your faithful prayers!
We felt them every moment, and God answered in ways
that far exceeded anyone’s expectations.
I look forward to sharing some beautiful stories
and photos with you
in the days ahead.
This “introduction” is my inadequate attempt
to thank the Lord and give Him glory.
He is worthy of so much more.

Please continue to pray for the faithful believers who remain in Kazakhstan,
ministering to these precious families with special needs children,
and walking through exciting new doors God so amazingly opened.
Their task is big, but our God is bigger!

Filled with gratitude and love for you all,



10 responses

10 07 2013
Patricia Hunter

Oh, Jeanne…what an incredible honor it is to know and love your tender and gracious heart, to pray for your pouring out, to read your powerful words, and to sit at your beautiful feet as you tell the stories. I’m hanging on every word. Much love to you, sister. Much love.

10 07 2013

Thank you for going…. Thanks for offering ordinary water and seeing it turned to Living Water. Thank you for your wise heart and willing hands. Thank you for taking off your shoes, for you recognized that you stood on holy ground. Every blessing today!

10 07 2013
victoria block

This is so beautifully written, it makes me cry……….. and have more hope than ever……. Thank you. love, Victoria


10 07 2013

You cannot know how it inspires and encourages me to watch the Father, strong and mighty, work in and through your humble, tender spirit Jeanne. He is faithful and true. I am learning over and over again the blessing that comes with our becoming less that He might be more.
I cannot wait for the stories.

10 07 2013
Tatia Cook

Holy Spirit goose bumps on this reader! Beautiful analogy of the water and the wine…I echo everything the above ladies said. Thankful for your obedience and not at all surprised that the first thing you did was give God the glory!

10 07 2013
lindsey ozier

beautifully said Jeanne. love to you.

11 07 2013
Jim Leftwich

Jeanne, you are amazing ! I am so proud of you and I love you very much !


12 07 2013

“And her life will never be the same again.” This is exactly what Dad said as we were reading your texts in Colorado. How beautiful that when we are in Christ we are always being made new. Thank you for keeping your eyes open and then sharing with all of us what you’ve seen! Love, grace

13 07 2013
Karen Zacharias (@karenzach)

Isn’t it something? The adventures God plans for us?

24 07 2013

This is a really beautiful piece, words and photos! The intersection of heaven and earth. I love being a part, one of His small ones.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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