all means all

4 05 2014

psalm145pmResting in truth today.
Praying it is well with your soul.

* * *


Jumping Tandem



6 responses

4 05 2014
nina bille (@ThoughtsImages)

Yes He is!
Blessings to you & yours, Jeanne

4 05 2014
Sandra Heska King

How can it not be well while soaking in that peaceful scene. Love to you, dear Jeanne.

4 05 2014
Sharon O

love your simple picture and words

4 05 2014
Patricia Hunter

Love, love, love this, Jeanne.

4 05 2014

Hi Jeanne, I read Your chronicle of Your mother’s last days with tears in my eyes. I, like You, had the extreme pleasure of seeing my mother off on her journey to heaven. God spared my sister and me the long bumpy road You had to travel with Your mother. My mother became ill with cancer in January and went home in March. My bride and I live with our youngest daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren, preparing for our own last journey. I was attacked by, “Narcotizing Factiitus,” “The Skin Eating Disease,” in 2008 and I have just improved enough to do most anything I want to accomplish; I was even able to return to my beloved Haiti in January to visit dear friends. My bride, however, is displaying the early symptoms of dementia, which afflicted her father. Why I am writing You, is to ask for a mailing address where I can send a gift. I know You must receive much justly deserved praise for Your blog posts. I would love to be able to send You a gift from my heart. Praying for you always. His and Your Very Grateful servant and apprentice, Paul Smith.

5 05 2014
Deidra Riggs

Ah… Yes. Amen.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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