We believe

29 05 2014


IMG_1179We believe in a God enthroned, who calls the stars by name,
and sees when a sparrow falls.

We believe in a God who was and is and is to come — the eternally present,
who created time and reigns above and in it.

We believe in a God who does all things well, whether He gives or takes away,
never changing in His love, His holiness, and His goodness.

We believe in a God who always acts in accordance with faithful plans formed long ago.

No one can hinder Him.

No one can find fault with Him.

No one can cause one word He has spoken to fail.

IMG_0957And so we go.

And so we speak.

And so we dance.

We laugh and cry.

We listen and embrace.

imageWe believe the cross is the measure of God’s love,
and the price of a redemption meant for the ends of the earth.
Who are we to keep it to ourselves?

And so we go.

Small, we go,
our comfort in knowing that
the weak confound the mighty,
the meek inherit the earth,
and the pure in heart see God.

IMG_1771compWe go in the confidence that we are sent.

And the rest
belongs to Him.

* * *

Dear friends,

On June 16, I’m returning to Kazakhstan. Lord willing, I’ll be gone for two weeks and will speak seven times to three different groups.

Like last summer, I will share our story and God’s grace with moms of disabled young adults.

Like last summer, I’ll encourage them to look for the beauty in the gifts God has chosen for them, teach them a dance they will perform for their children, and lead them in morning exercises on the beach.

And like last summer, I’m bowed low with the sense of my utter insufficiency for these things. But I’m also filled with hope. Because I’ve been before, and I’ve seen God come, seen Him move, seen Him lift heavy hearts and strengthen weak knees.

Unlike last year, we’ll be traveling into Kyrgyzstan to speak to parents of children with Down Syndrome. And we’re also planning a reunion with the moms who attended last year’s conference.

So, I’m asking you to pray — no, I’m begging you to please pray for me and for our team — that our good and gracious God will provide safety in travel, good health and stamina, sensitivity to His Spirit, anointing, favor with local authorities, open hearts, and — above all — that the plans He has ordained will be fully accomplished, according to His power at work within us, and for the glory of His Name.

And, friends? If you (or someone you know) might be interested in financially helping these moms or their precious children attend camp, you can give online through Orphanos. Simply click this link, then scroll down the page, select “Partners in Asia” and, from the drop down menu, “Kazakhstan Young Life” (as indicated on the screen shot below).

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 1.46.34 PM

I know there are thousands of beautiful ministries out there deserving of your support, and we all have to ask God to lead us in our giving, so please don’t feel any pressure here. But if you know of someone whose heart is especially inclined toward serving the special needs community or declaring good news in Central Asia, please share this opportunity. $250 sends one mom or special friend to camp. Gifts in any amount are deeply appreciated. Thank you!


We believe.
We really do.
And our hearts burst into singing.




12 responses

29 05 2014
Patricia Hunter

I believe as you believe, and I love how you love, and it’s pure joy and an honor to pray as you go. Love you big, my friend.

2 06 2014

Thank you so much, sweet Patricia. It’s a joy knowing your prayers cover me. Love you, too. xoxo

29 05 2014
Victoria Block

What an Amazing Ministry and an Amazing Woman of God you are!! Thank you for being Jesus in disguise for all those parents in Kzkstn. I so appreciate you and your team. I wrote your requests in my prayer book and will most certainly be praying. Thanks for being specific! It really helps.

2 06 2014

Thank you, Victoria! You are too kind. I feel so small, but our God is big and able, and He will accomplish His good plans. What a blessing and comfort to know that you’re holding these specific requests before the throne of grace. Many, many thanks.

Love, Jeanne

1 06 2014
D. Farrow

I have friends who work in the cities of Osh & Jalal-abad in the nation of Kyrgyzstan, and so I think of the nations of Central Asia often. You are & will continue to be lifted up in my prayers as the Lord leads you into Kazakhstan & Kyrgystan. Daniel

2 06 2014

Thank you so much, Daniel! I’m humbled and blessed by the prayers of God’s people. Thanks for standing with me in this journey.

2 06 2014
D. Farrow

Its a joy & a privilege Jeanne. Grace & Shalom (peace) to you as you go. 😀

12 06 2014
Emily Wierenga

Oh sister, DELIGHTED to pray! I love the work you are doing in Khazikstan… please keep me posted. I love you!

16 06 2014

Thank you, lovely friend. I leave in a few hours. Leaning hard on His sufficiency, mercy, and grace. Love you. xo

16 06 2014
George A. Damoff

Thank you for your words and photos–both are art beaming with our God’s glory. I love you!

16 06 2014

Thank you! I love you, too! xo

16 06 2014

Hi Jeanne! My name is Heather and I wanted to know if you would be willing to answer my quick question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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