A Crown Royal Christmas

9 12 2011

Some people like to plan their Christmas decorations around a theme. Certain colors, or angels, or snowmen. Our Christmas decorating theme this year is “Back Room at the Liquor Store.” Not that we planned it. Sometimes life decides these things for us.

If you want to know why we’ll be spending the holidays opening Jack Daniels boxes with the ones we love, please join me at All the Church Ladies.

Also, I probably won’t be around much in the next few weeks. Please know that I wish you all a delightful and meaningful Christmas, and I look forward to catching up with you as soon as the dust settles.

Love to all,

A Community of Thanks

25 11 2011

Before it’s over, they feed
almost a thousand hungry souls,
this army of volunteers.

Christians from different walks of life,
different political opinions,
and different denominations,
setting aside their differences
and serving in community.

Serving with gladness.
Serving with joy.
Serving side by side
as one.

* * *

What a remarkable privilege to witness and participate in this joyful celebration of grace, generosity, and unity. Please join me today at All the Church Ladies for a photojournalist’s view of a the body of Christ in action. I hope you’ll be as inspired as I was.

Daughters and Their Daughters

18 11 2011

Last weekend our extended family gathered in Dallas for my nephew’s wedding and an early Thanksgiving meal. We enjoyed a beautiful time of celebration with so many of our beloveds, and today at All the Church Ladies I’m thanking God specifically for four of them.

I hope you’ll join me, and while you’re there, please share your special thanks, too. We’d love to celebrate your gifts with you.

Where is your faith?

11 11 2011

Jesus awoke, rebuked the wind and waves, and there was instant calm. And then He said, “Where is your faith?” And that’s when it hit me . . .

Today at All the Church Ladies I’m seeing a familiar story with new eyes. Join me? (Pretty please?)

The Humble Bold

4 11 2011

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us, and that usually means too many events on the calendar, too much shopping and decorating to do, and too much stress. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for fresh ways to refocus the season — to make it about the people you love and the God you worship. You keep your eyes open for meaningful ways to slow down and engage with the rich fullness, the mystery, and the wonder of Christ becoming flesh and dwelling among us.

Today I have good news. There’s a brand new project — a beautiful recording of nine lessons and nine carols for Advent — that our daughter and son-in-law put together with help from their church and members of their band, Jubilee.

Please join me at All the Church Ladies to hear about the album in their own words. There’s also a link to listen to all the tracks.

(All proceeds from sales of this project go to help victims of human trafficking through Arts Aftercare. Thank you for giving the gift of hope.)

Love, Jeanne

Outside In

28 10 2011

Funny how life brings us back to the same prayers again and again. Today at All the Church Ladies I find myself at a familiar altar. Join me there?

A beautiful weekend to you.



21 10 2011

I learn from them as I watch them follow, how there’s freedom in keeping a keen eye and willing heart, testing the Spirit’s wind and turning your ship full sail into Him. Because isn’t He the One who opens and closes doors? And how many times have I beat my head against my own desires while He patiently waited for me to see His abundant gifts lying wide open?

* * *

I’ve been quiet around here this week. If you’ve wondered about me, please know all is well. (And thanks for wondering!) I’m just busy with living, like so many of you, and thankful for constant reminders of God’s nearness and faithfulness. Thankful for what He teaches when I slow down and listen.

Like TPWWWLGC. I bet you’re wondering what that is (I mean besides a bunch of letters). It’s a philosophy for life and a timely gift to me from Luke and Sarah, and I wrote about it today at All the Church Ladies. Join me?

See you there.


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