Two weeks before the wedding . . .

11 06 2003

“Can you play Trumpet Voluntary?”

“Um, I don’t play trumpet. I play piano.”

“My fiancee likes Trumpet Voluntary. She was wondering if you could maybe play it on the piano while she’s coming down the aisle..”

“Well. I guess if I knew how it sounded, I could try to come as close as a piano can get to trumpets. But I don’t know the song. Do you have the music?”

“No. But it sounds kind of like the theme from Star Wars.”

“Ah ha. I see. Tell ya what. Why don’t I just bring a kazoo, and I can play the Star Wars theme on that.”

::demonstrates effect over the phone::

After he stops laughing, he says (not into the phone), “She says she could play the Star Wars theme on a kazoo.”


“Okay, never mind. We’ll just stick with Pachelbel’s Canon in D.”

Thank you very much. I already know that one.



8 responses

11 06 2003

i know canon as well! but only on the kazoo…


11 06 2003

Don’t you sometimes feel like that Candid Camera guy is gonna come around a corner and say Gotya?!?

I usually feel that way at least twice a day.

When I get to Henderson on a permanent basis and save enough pennies to buy a piano…you can come teach me to play or something…that would be fun!

Hope you are enjoying your family time.


11 06 2003

I Don’t Have The Music, But I Can Hum The Refrain For You

I once shot Pachelbel’s canon at a guy playing the Star Wars theme on a kazoo. I missed and hit a group of mimes pretending to play the trumpet.

11 06 2003

need a violist?

all i do is arpeggiate


12 06 2003

Oh, yeah! I’ve expected to meet the Candid Camera guy many times. One of my best recent episodes was an encounter with the School Counselor from Heck. I honestly felt like I was in a SNL skit. With some people, you have to laugh or you’ll go crazy.

Teaching you to play piano sounds fun! :o)


12 06 2003

When a guy gets his hands on Pachelbel’s canon, he simply can’t refrain.

I’m so sorry I missed that.

12 06 2003

As much as I love the way you arpeggiate . . .

I don’t have any say in the adding or subtracting of instruments in someone else’s wedding. But thanks for the offer! :o)

(Did you ever get a cookie?)

12 06 2003

Re: As much as I love the way you arpeggiate . . .

more than my share, i assure you


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