Candid camera, and please pass the mustard

1 07 2006

I have a blog just for photos, and during the month of July I plan to post one new picture a day (except for days I’m away from my computer and can’t). Feel free to drop by often. Meander amongst the archives. Stop and smell the digital roses. Whatever. I’ve already posted today’s shot. The parade starts here.

Yesterday was Grace’s birthday. Everyone should stop by and heap wonderful wishes on her adorable head. Also, tomorrow is my daddy’s birthday. I wish you all could know him, because he would make your life better. In lieu of a personal introduction, you can read this entry I posted about him shortly after I started this journal in 2003. He doesn’t blog, but feel free to celebrate him in my comments, and I’ll pass the party along.

Now I feel like the ham in a birthday sandwich. Think I’ll go ask George if he wants to be the cheese.

Enjoy your Saturday. (That’s a command.)



2 responses

1 07 2006

PapA J1m, d.i.l.

I am blessed by the Almighty to have a great and caring biological Dad. I am doubly blessed to have a wonderful Dad-in-law, PapA J1m. He is an A-1 kinda guy. I agree with Jeanne that if you have the opportunity to converse with him your life will be enHAMced significantly; mine, obviously, has been. Endless are the ways he has encouraged and cared for me and my family, and it seems I never say, “thank you” enough. It’s nice ellezymn has invited us to have a bit more of a public forum to express our PJ gratitude. Also, if not for PJ (and his help-meat Mama Patsy) the last 28 years of my life would have been like over-aged swiss cheese – full of huge, gaping holes. Instead, I have two slabs of bread (PJ’s contribution) sandwiching and an exquisite, delicately sliced piece of ham (M-Pat’s contribution), complete with spicy mustard (now, I muhth not beee sIL-ly!!) But, hey, isn’t this entire post a birthday celebration?! YES! and NO! It IS a very merry un-birthday to you, to me, but hopefully a very merry birthday for PJ. Blame Jeanne, she asked that I bring the cheese.

2 07 2006

I, too, am blessed to know Jim, who’s my in-laws’ in-law. He’s my husband’s brother’s wife’s father, for those of you keeping score at home. That counts as family! When other people are moaning about their in-laws, I can’t relate–even my in-laws’ in-laws are fabulous!

Sharon D

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